Randel B. Reiss

3709 Country Club Drive

Redwood City, California  94061

Phone: (650) 366-7601/Cell (650) 208-4994/ randel@randelreiss.com



Skills Summary


25+ Years of Successful Internal and External Game Development

Strong Technical, Design and Production Expertise in Console, PC and Online Gaming

Results-oriented professional who has consistently delivered projects on time & on budget.  Built excellent network of US and international developers.  Willing and able to travel extensively. Expertise includes:

§    Managed Internal and External Teams

§    Accurate Project Scheduling and Budgeting

§    Senior-Level Technical Expertise

§    Complex Project Management

§    Business Development and Product Acquisition

§    Business Plan Development

§    P&L and Budget Management

§    Team Recruitment and Management


Professional Experience and Achievements

PERPETUAL ENTERTAINMENT, San Francisco, California                                              2006, 1 Year

Executive Producer                                              

Designed large-team production pipe-line, process and procedures for state-of-the-art MMOs.

§      Created a comprehensive production, tracking and reporting methodology for all engineering.

§      Designed and implemented a modern large-scale, large team, MMO production pipeline and design process; collaborating all facets of the company.

§      Developed a complete business plan for a micro-transaction based MMO portal service.

INDEPENDENT CONSULTING                                                                                    2002 – 2007


Provided strategic guidance and tactical assistance to major video game publishers on a wide range of issues.

§      CEO, Board Director, and co-owner of the first indie MMORPG company, Prairie Games.  50,000 registered users on Minions of Mirth for PC and Macintosh.

§      Finalized 4 SKUs of Backyard Wrestling 2, 2 regions of PS2 and 2 regions of Xbox, as Senior Producer for Eidos Interactive.  Required heavy travel.

§      Launched www.GameLaw.ORG, the first and only live, centralized, portal of legal and business issues affecting the interactive entertainment software game industry.

§      Represented 3DO as an expert witness in lawsuit brought by former developer. Wrote extensive expert witness declaration in support of 3DO. Plaintiff agreed to a deal within two weeks.

§      Conducted due diligence on the developers for EA.  Pulled together small team and traveled to studio to study technology, processes and staffing.

§      Resolved networking issues for EA on Battlefield 1942.  Led team of engineers to develop patch which resolved the issues and helped the game become a trendsetter in online networking.

EVIL TWIN STUDIOS/DOPPELGANGER, San Francisco, California                                2004, 1 Year

Vice President Product Development                   

Original founding partner in startup focusing on 3D social environment for online teens.

§      Launched online, closed-Beta milestone, to support up to 300 simultaneous users, system designed for up to 11 million users, with behavioral metric tracking.

§      Managed partner relations with major beverage, music and clothing conglomerates.

§      Recruited development staff of 12 and managed pre-product through Alpha development.

§      Closed Series A funding with Draper Fisher and Venture Strategy Partners.

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Sony Computer Entertainment America, Foster City, California                    2000 – 2002

Production Manager/Studio Director, Online Studios

Initially recruited on a contract basis to develop online strategy for Playstation 2. Subsequently hired full-time and charged with the design, technology, development and marketing of SCEA Online Service for Playstation 2. Recruited, trained and managed an expert team of 20 professionals whose diverse backgrounds and technical expertise resulted in success.

§      Sourced and recruited three external development teams, and managed a total of six external developers.

§      Built relationships with high profile business partners such as AOL, Real Networks, MacroMedia, Cisco, Earthlink, Netscape, and AT&T. 

§      Built technology which allowed PlayStation users to go online using any ISP, which provided Sony with a competitive advantage as the Dreamcast worked with only one.

§      Designed user-friendly interface so that customers had only to answer a few simple questions in order to set-up their system for online game play.

§      Assumed responsibility for troubled studio which was working on two products, including a MMOG.  Evaluated current projects and made the decision to terminate the online game for financial reasons.

§      Established model for break-even analysis for online games which is now used throughout Sony.


Technopop, Inc., San Francisco, California                                               1994 – 2000/1990 – 1992

Founder/Executive Producer

Founded and managed this independent game and software developer which grew to 40-person studio with annual revenues of $2 million within five years.  Also managed external projects and contarctors.

§      Saved Sega’s Marvel license by developing product which sold to over 2/3 of Sega Genesis console owners. Marvel had been intending to pull the license but changed their minds after this success.

§      Designed and developed action/arcade titles Zero Tolerance and Beyond Zero Tolerance for Accolade. 

§      Signed lucrative development deal with Trimark pictures to create 7- book series with heavy animation and celebrity voice-over to compete with Broderbund’s Living Books.

§      Performed due diligence for Sony Interactive. Conducted formal on-site review and evaluation of independent developers to assess long term development capabilities.

§      Designed state-of the-art development facility which included high resolution digital video and still production facility, custom blue-screen studio and digital sound studio.

§      Developed software for the Mac, including ‘MacSleuth’ and ‘MovieWorks. 


ASCII Entertainment Software, Inc., Foster City, California                               1992 – 1994

Director, Product Development

Led software and peripheral product development and market strategy for 3DO, MSDOS, Super NES, Sega Genesis, CD-ROM, Macintosh, Game Gear, and Gameboy. Managed team of 14 as well as off-site contractors and four external development studios – two of which were in Europe.

§      Developed business plan; negotiated contracts; performed product cost analysis and budgeting; scheduled projects; traveled heavily and built strong relationships with Nintendo and Sega.

Early Career


Project Leader, Farallon Computing, Inc.,                                                           1989 – 1990

Software Engineer, Electronic Arts                                                                         1985 – 1987

Project Manager, Sinclair Research Ltd                                                                            1981




Canada College, Redwood City, California. Currently working toward a Paralegal degree

College of San Mateo, San Mateo, California, 1997 – 1998. Administration of Justice.

Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, 1983 – 1985. College of Computer Science